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With 2020 now moving further away in the rearview mirror, we can begin looking ‘beneath the hood’ and assess both the damage and resiliency of the US economy during a generationally challenging year.

Within a few short weeks in the early-Spring, the country went from life as usual to toilet paper shortages and negative oil prices. The US economy and its interconnected labor market were both wholly unprepared for the shock and devastation that COVID would bring. It took just nine weeks for the number of initial claims jobless claims during the pandemic to exceed the tally set in the 2007-09 recession.

However, once the dust started to settle and Americans peeked their heads out of their Charmin Ultra castles, the race was on to re-engineer local economies amid the ongoing public-health threat. The success of which varied significantly along the lines of sector, geography, and, as this report explores, company size. Read the full report